Foundations of Nonlinear Optics 2017

University of The Bahamas      

All sessions take place in the Harry C. Moore Library Auditorium. Registration and lunch will take place in the auditorium’s break room.


8:30—9:00 Registration and morning coffee


Session 1: Fundamental theory of NLO materials.

Chair: Nathan Dawson | Co-chair: Jacqui Cole

9:00—9:10 Welcome to FoNLO 2017

9:10—9:45 Mark Kuzyk“Size Matters”

9:50—10:25 Sean Mossman—“A proxy state for truncated sum-over-states”

10:25—10:55 Coffee Break. Supported by Thorlabs

10:55—11:30 Rick Lytel“Exact fundamental limits of the first and second hyperpolarizabilities

11:35—12:10 Ethan Crowell—“Contributions of Exotic Momentum Dependence to Nonlinear Polarizabilities”

12:10—12:25 Panel Discussion 1

12:25—13:30 Lunch

Session 2: NLO of molecules and nanostructures.

Chair: Amin Kabir | Co-chair: Stefan Knoppe

13:30—14:05 Javier Perez-Moreno—“Generalizing the three-level ansatz to systems with many energy levels

14:10—14:45 Koen Clays—“Modulated conjugation as a means to break the apparent limit in nonlinear optics”

14:45—15:15 Coffee break. Supported by RMS Insurance Agents & Brokers

15:15—15:50 Dennis Sullivan—“Time-domain Quantum Simulation of Nonlinear Susceptibilities”

15:55—16:30 Alex Lou—“New Directions for Twisted Chromophores”

16:30—16:45 Panel discussion 2




8:30—9:10 Morning coffee


Session 3: NLO materials and measurements. Supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Chair: Mark Kuzyk | Co-chair: Elisabetta Collini

9:10—9:45 Aleks RebaneCooperativity effects in two-photon absorption”

9:50—10:25 Robert Boyd—“Nonlinear Optics of Epsilon-Near-Zero Materials”

10:25—10:55 Coffee break. Supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

10:55—11:30 Enno Giese—“Beyond the perturbative description of the nonlinear optical response of low-index materials”

11:35—12:10 Jacqui Cole—“Determining organic non-linear optical properties from nanoscopic structural parameters”

12:10—12:25 Panel discussion 3

12:25—13:30 Lunch. Supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology


Session 4: Applications of NLO. Supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Chair: Koen Clays | Co-chair: Mike Crescimanno

13:30—14:05 Elisabetta Collini“Role of the environment in non linear optical properties and transport processes of complex systems

14:10—14:45 Hans-Peter Wagner—“Real-time holographic imaging using the phase coherent photorefractive effect”

14:45—15:15 Coffee Break. Supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

15:15—15:50 Amin Kabir“Influence of electron density and trion formation on the phase-coherent photorefractive effect in ZnSe quantum wells”

15:55—16:30 Ken Singer—“Linear and nonlinear optical properties of organic cavity polaritons in the ultrastrong regime”

16:30—16:45 Panel Discussion 4


18:00 Conference Barbecue



8:30—9:10 Morning coffee


Session 5: NLO properties of systems.

Chair: Javier Perez-Moreno | Co-chair: Sean Mossman

9:10—9:45 Mike Crescimanno“EIT Amplitude Noise Spectroscopy”

9:50—10:25 Stefan Knoppe“Nonlinear Optical Properties of Monolayer-Protected Metal Clusters”

10:25—10:55 Coffee Break.

10:55—11:30 Efim Khazanov“Renaissance of small-scale self-focusing in femtosecond lasers”

11:35—12:10 Nathan Dawson—“Nonlinear optical coefficients and the kinetic energy of electrons”

12:10—12:25 Panel Discussion 5

12:25—12:30 Closing remarks