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ENGE 3006

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ENGE 3006 Syllabus

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Chapter 1 (Introduction):
Introduction to electromagnetics

Chapter 2 (Electrostatics):
Vectors, vector algebra, vector calculus, and complex numbers
Coulomb's law
Electric flux density and Gauss's law
Electric potential
Conductors, Ohm's law, and Joule's law
Dielectrics and capacitance
Boundary value problems

Chapter 3 (Magnetostatics):
Biot-Savart law
Ampere's law
B-field and magnetic force
Magnetic moment and magnetic materials
Magnetic energy

Chapter 4 (Dynamic fields):
Current continuity
Faraday's law
Motional emf and generators
Displacement current
Maxwell's equations

Chapter 5 (Plane waves):
The wave equation
Propagation in dielectrics
Propagation in conductors
Power transmission
Reflection, transmission, and standing waves

Chapter 6 (Transmission lines):
Telegrapher's equations
Time-harmonic waves on transmission lines
Terminated transmission lines
The Mizuhashi-Smith chart
Transient signals

Chapter 7 (Waveguides):
Rectangular waveguide basics
Rectangular waveguide fields
Dielectric slab waveguides
Optical fibers

Chapter 8 (Antennas):
Properties of antennas

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