Organic Optical Materials Group


Principal Investigator

Nathan J. Dawson

Assistant Professor of Physics and Engineering
Department of Natural Sciences
Hawaii Pacific University
Office: AC 311C

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Washington State University
Pullman, WA, USA

PhD - physics, Washington State University
Graduate Certificate - opto-electronics, Washington State University
BS - physics, University of Idaho
Curriculum Vitae.


The OOMG will have openings for research projects shortly.

Former undergraduate students (University of The Bahamas, 2015-2017)

Onassis Nottage

Onassis is an undergraduate majoring in Mathematics and Engineering Physics. He is developing Python programs to study low-dimensional quantum systems described by the Schrodinger equation. He is using these simulations to study the optical properties of exotic systems described by the fractional Schrodinger equation.

Najee Stubbs

Najee is an undergraduate majoring in Engineering Physics and working to become an aerospace engineer. He is working on the self-healing biomaterials project, which probes the photodegradation and recovery processes of organic laser dyes in biopolymers.

Mauricio Bridgewater

Mauricio is an undergraduate majoring in Engineering and plans to get his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. He later plans to go to graduate school to be a bioengineer with his interests in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and blood lasing. Mauricio is currently working on the self-healing biomaterials project.